It’s a science-fiction-romantic-political-hallucinogenic-Twitter-orgy-comedy thing. Comes from a place of both profound anger and detached, snarky bemusement. Maybe it will climb all the way to #1 in the appropriate Amazon subcategory.


Driving home today, I decided to release my next novel through my website, one chapter at a time. Working title: Love in the Age of Trump. That title will change, because I found a couple of articles with a similar name, but at least it gives you the gist of things.

The story takes place on the 50th day of the 50th year of the great Trump presidency, after boy wonder Jared Kushner invented a reverse-aging process that kept the family alive and allowed Papa Trump to rescue the universe.

We follow star-crossed lovers and undying Trump fans Willy and Paulina, as they embark on a mission to the nation’s capital – Maga-City One – in hopes of landing a romantic tryst with their idol. Which we all know, is just a matter of asking.
I’ll release a chapter a week, starting with (a very short) Chapter One later tonight.

Stay tuned.

Let’s do this.



Maybe I can 100% convince myself to call it FUCK TRUMP.



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