Giveaway #1

Here’s the first chance to win a free copy of Sewerville.  Contest is open for a month, and I’ll give away 3 in December.  Just click here and hit the “ENTER TO WIN” button — that’s all it takes to put your name in.  It really is that simple, folks.

In other news, here’s a reminder that I’m donating all proceeds from my short story “The Sweet Smell of Pine Needles” to the Powell County (KY) Cops For Kids program.  Get your copy here or by clicking the link on the right side of this page – it’s $0.99 well spent, I guarantee that.  (This only runs for a couple more weeks.)   I’ve got the story up for free today and tomorrow, but I’m donating the same $0.99 for anyone who takes a free copy.

BTW, as of this writing, the story is #44 on the Kindle Literary Fiction charts, just behind Charles Dickens.  This may be the only time my name is ever listed in close proximity to that of Charles Dickens, so cherish the moment.


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