New story this weekend.

Folks – new story this weekend!  Sunday, to be exact.  I’m mostly telling you this now to box myself into a corner and burn off the loose ends; I can be quite the procrasinator if I don’t commit to a deadline. Arbitrary or not.

It’s called “The Dead on Black River” and it has nothing to do with the Sewerville world.  It’s actually a gateway into the new novel I’m working on, which will probably be finished before the next Sewerville book.  This is an itch I’ve wanted to scratch for a while.

Here’s the soundtrack:

“The Big Parade” – The Lumineers

“Walk Like a Zombie” – Horrorpops

“Let Me In” – R.E.M.

“Time is Running Out” – Muse

“Nearly Lost You” – Screaming Trees

“Welcome to Your Wedding Day” – The Airborne Toxic Event

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