Lost Change and Loose Cousins

We’ll be releasing the cover in a few days, but here’s a quick listing of the titles included in my half of Lost Change and Loose Cousins (co-authored with Strother Kevin Hall), out later this month:

“The Autobiography of Nobody”

Philosopher Dog: Issue One

“The Dead on Black River”

“Apep, the Darkness”

“The Sweet Smell of Pine Needles”

“Sewerville: The Lay of the Land”

As mentioned before, it’s a mix of new stuff and previously released. I will say, “Apep” and Philosopher Dog are my two personal favorites, and since those are both part of the new stuff, that ought to be all the incentive you need to buy the book. I may also include a little something called “Me and Pookie Down by the Meth Shack” if it’s finished in time. We’ll see.


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