I want to share something with you, just because I’m excited about this book. Here is the complete chapter listing for ADVENTURES IN TERROR WITH JASPER BOHANON, BOOK ONE: 1975-1996. And to quote a refrain from the book, maybe you know what’s comin’, and maybe you don’t.

– Home
– Jasper
– Me and Jasper in the Summer of ’86
– Infinity
– Me and Jasper and the Lady in the Woods
– Me and Jasper Save Evie from the Dead
– Banshee
– Church Ladies
– Me and Jasper and the Satanic Panic
– Darkness
– Midnight
– Me and Jasper and the Big Damn Skeeters
– Graduation Day
– Me and Jasper and the Return of the Hopkinsville Goblins
– Harbingers

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