Super stuff.

Here’s my last Super Bowl post, and then I’ll go back to talking about writing and books and movies and other things you love.

1) After a day’s reflection, that last play by Seattle remains a joke. Some folks can try to justify it (okay, a small handful of folks) , but the undeniable truth is that in that spectacular, singular situation – a minute to go, ball inside the 1 yard line, and the effin’ Super Bowl on the line, and FOUR TRIES AT IT – if you give Marshawn Lynch the football, he scores a touchdown 100 times out of a 100. 1000 out of a 1000. He can’t be stopped. Beast Mode. It happens, he scores, game over. He scores against a goal line defense, he scores against three cornerbacks, he scores against the ’85 Bears, he scores against the Steel Curtain, he scores if there are 20 Patriots on defense, he scores if Brady and Belichick and Rodney Harrison and Teddy Bruschi and Mark Wahlberg and Optimus Prime and Giselle and Katy Perry and that kid from the Nationwide commercial all run on the field and jump on his back together. He scores. He scores. It’s not a secret and I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, I’m just using funny language to say again: he scores.

2) I pretty much despise both of those teams, but I must admit, I’ve kind of become a fan of Belichick and Lynch. They ain’t changin’ for anybody. It’s admirable. No matter how much people rip them, no matter how un-telegenic and un-media friendly they are, what you see is what you get and what you’re always gonna get. The ESPN empty heads don’t like it, the NBC Pro Football Talk empty heads don’t like it, the whole world of empty head sports media babies don’t like it. I like it.

3) I still can’t stand Tom Brady, though. And I never realized Robert Kraft was such a tool until this year.

4) Al Michaels, best play by play announcer in sports, end of story.

5) I deeply regret missing the Doug Baldwin TD celebration where he pretended to shit on the ball.

6) it was hard not to feel good for that New England cornerback (Malcolm Butler) who came up with the interception after he’d been victimized by that miracle Seattle catch two plays earlier. Dude sounds like he’s going to cry every time I’ve heard him speak since the game ended.

7) I bet on Seattle and for a minute I was aggravated that I lost, but that feeling went away. What a game.

College basketball and baseball, here we come.

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