The 5-STAR reviews are coming in!

adventures in terror _fullcover1LIGHTER_border3_real imageb
Got one of my favorite reviews ever today, for ADVENTURES IN TERROR: MOSTLY THE 1980s, which is out now in e-book and paperback. This reader came away with everything I’d hoped from the book. If you’ve read the story by now, you know my little secret: it’s not really a horror story. There are plenty of nods to the horror genre that I love so much, but deep down, this is a story about getting older. (And to the reviewer, I am sorry to leave you hanging but if you liked this one you will love the next one!)
All that being said, here’s this awesome 5-STAR REVIEW:
“Some of the best down to earth descriptions and metaphors I have read in years. ADVENTURES IN TERROR, even though a paranormal horror story, reminded me of A CHRISTMAS STORY that was written by Ray Bradbury.
Hidden subtly beneath the gore and fear is a delightful sense of reality and a sad, understanding humor. Grady Strange Claremont VII, now 100 years old and capable of time travel, tells the story of himself and Jasper Bohanon from when they first meet in elementary school in Whisper Hill, Kentucky until Jasper goes off to college. The next book in the series I understand will continue from this point. They are both loners with a love for scary movies. Grady is down to earth while Jasper’s mind contemplates infinity as every point in time.
The story is far more than banshees, ghosts, walking dead, and witches. It is a comprehensive look at small town rural life, from the controlling families to the modern plague of meth and pills and the erosion of small town values. My only complaint is that the book ended – the ghastly ploy of a book series. As an added bonus there is a list at the end of the book of the author’s all time favorite scary movies. Enjoyable read – great use of words with a touch of colloquialism.”

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