The new faces of Sewerville

As a follow-up to my last post, here’s a brief introduction to the most prominent characters introduced in Sewerville Book II: The Gentlemen from Kentucky. For what it’s worth, it was in that same last post that I changed the name of the novel from “Gentleman” to “Gentlemen.” One of the characters below was the original source for the title, but as I thought about it, it’s really all of these guys that make the whole story  – and throw Boone Sumner, Walt Slone, and John Slone in there, too. True gentlemen all.

While there are other new characters, these are the ones that figure most heavily in the action:

Stephen Bell. The true “gentleman from Kentucky,” the Commonwealth’s former senior U.S. senator and still a major Republican power player in the state, even in his twilight years. He’s  the character I mentioned a couple of days ago – the man whose deep ties in politics and the criminal underworld have provided cover for the Slone family for decades – and he’s also the main villain of this novel.

Ed Trawley. The murderous henchman of Stephen Bell. When we first meet Trawley, he’s disposing of yet another body left in the senator’s wake.

Mike Felder. An FBI agent who Boone considers his last point of contact to the saner world.

Randall Delacroix. Not technically from Kentucky, but Walt Slone’s Louisiana-based source for illicit merchandise. With Karen taking over the family business, Delacroix senses an opportunity to get her involved in one of the products her father would never touch: heroin.

Like I said, there are plenty of other characters but these four are really the legs holding up the new table. Stay tuned.

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