On a minor note, that last episode of The Walking Dead Season 3 was a little underwhelming. It didn’t solve a lot, and it didn’t leave much of a cliffhanger. Still a great show, but I personally liked Season 2 better.

On another minor note, and speaking of Season 2, Season 2 of The Killing is available on Netflix now. I’ve started catching up on that, since a latecoming Season 3 will finally debut this year. If you haven’t yet watched The Killing, give it a shot. Once you get past the fact there are practically no recognizable faces in the cast (although the lead actress is starring in World War Z and her onscreen partner plays RoboCop in next year’s remake), you’ll find a great drama. Go now.

On a major note — major for me, anyway — I have it on good authority that  a new book with my name on it will be out by summer. More news to come over the next few weeks.

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  1. I agree with you on the walking dead season finale, it fealt like just another episode, no major cliff hanger and no real good resolution. And am I the only one that is ok that the Govenor just drove off??

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